13.700 New Readers

I don’t know what happened yesterday, but 13.700 new readers have uploaded the book Only the Strongest Survive from Amazon.

Yesterday my book was free in the KDP Select program.



  1. I just finished reading Only The Strong Survive. The erotic parts were so sexy! Never has a man so captured what women desire in that Moment. GIVE US MORE OF Miss DONOVAN, I think John and Ronald's bodies were burnt so bad that they were just unidentifiable bone fragments. JOHN escaped the damage and went to another country and had plastic surgery to reconstruct his face that was burnt beyond recognition. He starts his own brokerage firm and Emeley takes it over in a stock buyout, only to realize she hurt the man age loves.....

  2. Thank you very much. I would appreciate if you would post your short review on amazon.com. Just a sentence or two. As I’m new writer in USA a need every good opinion. Thanks.
    And I will thing about writing part 2 of Only The Strongest Survive. You have good imagination.

    Ian Fox