An example of a free e-Book offer over longer period

The average rating for the book  The One You Love is 3.8. In the past it was even lower. It has many negative reviews, some saying even that the author cannot write at all. But the writer Paul Pilkington realized that arousing an emotional experience is the most important attribute of novels. And he has clearly succeeded in achieving that in his books.
His other two books - The One You Fear and Someone to Save You, which are not free and are selling well, as can be seen from the number of reviews and the ranking, have a higher average ranking of 4.1 till 4.3. The reason for this is that they were read only by those who were happy with the book The One You Love.
If you do not know who your target readers are and you offer your book to everyone, there is a risk that the average rating will be lower than if you offered it only to your target audience.

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