Do book bloggers influence sales?

Definitely. However, you must be aware that an average rating of 4.5 does not necessarily mean good sales, just like an average of 2.5 does not mean that the book is selling badly. I will mention the book Fifty Shades of Grey here, which has for months now been on the 100 bestsellers list. At one point, this book had an average rating of 3.00 and at the moment it is 3.3.
Even before I bought the book Fifty Shades of Grey I read a few reviews of it and was surprised to see that many were extremely bad. If I had written a review of her book, it would not be good either as her writing is terrible. As if it was written by a 13-year old, who has never written anything in her life: sentences keep getting repeated, the vocabulary is very limited, etc.
However, she manages to create a very strong emotional experience, rarely achieved by any other novel. And that is what matters most.
So if you get negative reviews, do not react against them but ask yourself instead if there is any truth in them. And if there is, what are you going to do to avoid getting bad reviews in future.
I take seriously criticism that keeps getting repeated. If a number of people mention one and the same thing, then it is time I have a think about what I must change in future.

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