The results of sending my book to a large number of critics (book bloggers)

I based my actions on the wonderful experience of Amanda Hocking, whose books began selling a few months after she sent her book to book bloggers. I was not as lucky and many of you probably also not.
Nonetheless, I am very grateful for the experience. I received some very good reviews and some bad ones. I could not understand how one person can write how much he liked my book and then someone else only gives it one star.
At first I was very angry at every negative review. Later I checked the average for Sidney Sheldon’s books – he has sold over 300 million books. His ratings are between 3.2 and 3.6. He also gets many hostile reviews. But on the other hand, there are many people who adore his books.

In addition, the average rating depends on who reads your book. If, for example, you have sent your book all over the place then there is a strong possibility that you have come across some people who will not like it. But if you attract (viral marketing) only those readers who find your writing suits their taste – through, for example, free short stories – your average will be higher.
I will tell you in my future blogs how I reached book bloggers.

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