Before I started writing my blog, I read some other writers’ blogs. Often they start off by trying to convince their readers how very much they like writing and that they have always loved it. What’s interesting, though, is that some of them are forty years old and have only published three books. How come, if they really like writing so much?
The fact is that at the very beginning they write what they think they should write, but they’re not quite honest. Even my friend Dušan Kaluža, who lives in Madrid and is involved in Kabbalah and for whom I have a great deal of respect, tried to lecture me about what I should write so that readers don’t get the wrong impression. But as writing a blog involves so much information, I’ve decided to be completely honest even if it means revealing something I shouldn’t. It’s definitely my intention to make my blog as interesting as possible. But I intend to be succinct, just as I am in my novels. 

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