The main characteristics of crime novels

The main characteristics of my crime novels:
  • I shock and surprise the readers at the very start. I want them to begin enjoying the book straight away and then the plot draws them in so that they can’t put the book down until they’ve reached the end.
  • I never start writing until I have composed a scene-by-scene storyline, which I think about for at least three months. Usually, this means three or four different stories, which become more and more connected and interlinked over the course of the book until at a certain point they all come together. The stories are divided into smaller segments, which can range from one to several pages. In this way, the reader’s interest never wanes, as these are extremely readable units that often foreshadow coming events.
  • Within the plot I try to arouse emotions in the readers, which means that they identify with the book and feel everything that the main protagonists feel.

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