Why my stories are set in the United States and EU countries other than Slovenia

You may, indeed, be wondering why I set my first two novels in the United States when I live in the small country of Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. You’ll find the answer as soon as you begin reading my books. I love writing about people who have succeeded in life and became very rich due to their exceptional dedication and hard work. The plots are made more interesting with violent crime, such as murder, kidnapping, serial killers, and so on.
Slovenia is a small country where there are no billionaires or violent crimes such as occur in large cities around the world. Because I’ve travelled extensively and lived in the USA, France and Germany and acquired a great deal of international experience, I decided to place my stories into a wider environment and I have no intention of limiting where one of my books can take place.
This is why I don’t see myself as a Slovenian writer, but a world writer. In future I shall probably once more move to the States or Britain. I also think that through the internet electronic books unite the world. It’s not so important where you’re from, but how well they are written.

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