Amanda Hocking

A few months ago I read an article about Amanda Hocking on http://amandahocking.blogspot.com. I must admit I was very impressed. It gave me a lot of ideas about self-promotion. If you read her blog from the beginning, you’ll see that she too tried to find an agent in America, but without success. In April 2010 she began publishing books in electronic form and a year later she’d already made 2 million dollars. And two months later another 2 million. The woman isn’t even thirty yet and she’s already financially secured for life. Unbelievable. Amanda is very honest in her blog, revealing important information that every future self-publisher needs. She is a decisive and persistent person who didn’t give up as soon as agents rejected her. And it was her stubbornness that allowed her to succeed where most people fail. Besides, we mustn’t forget that she loves her work and is narrowly specialized and, of course, writes interesting novels that people like.

Thank you, Amanda. You were a great inspiration to me and a source of excellent advice.

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