Wonderful reviews!

Here are two reviews that have been published recently on amazon.com:

I didn't know that an author could ever express the passion felt between 2 lovers, like Mr. Fox does in this book. NO, this is not a girlie romance book. IT'S SUSPENSEFUL, breath taking , relief and surprise! I just purchased another one of Mr. Fox's books and can't wait to start it. PLEASE Mr. FOX, GIVE US MORE EMELY DONOVAN!

This book is up there on my list of one I will always remember. It was definitely a page turner. I stayed up late a couple of nights as I just couldn't put it down. The twists and turns in this book was crazy, just like a few people in this book! But that is what made it such a page turner. Great book that I highly recommend.

I liked very much the sentence: “This book is up there on my list of one I will always remember.” Those kinds of statements make me tears in my eyes and because of them I will always continue to write. 

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