Every book is unique

When I wrote the first book, I was afraid that someone would steal it, so I patented it. A few years later I realized no one could copy me. Even if I reveal all my knowledge and tricks, other people will write a completely different book. But the thief would probably find it very difficult to prove his authenticity. Why? Because he hasn’t lived the life I’ve lived. All your experience, both good and bad, influences your thinking. Especially experiences from your early days.

I think it’s very important that a writer deals with all the traumas and complexes that have arisen since childhood. I’ll tell you my own example. When I was just over 20, I was walking one day along a beach with a friend. At that time the television series Dynasty was very popular and I told her that it seemed silly to me how often the love between a father and son was shown. They kept hugging. But my friend told me off: “Just because you never got that kind of love from your father, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to be like that.” I thought a lot about this later and reached the conclusion that she was right. It’s important to face up to our past and admit certain things. Only then we can move on. If we ignore and try to push problems away, they’re bound to show up in our writing.

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