Going to France

When I abandoned the office supplies store, I got a job in the French company E'Leclerc, which is involved in retail and was going to open the first hypermarket in Slovenia. I liked the fact that they offered to send the key personnel to France for a year’s training. I was 29 at the time. It’s interesting that I could barely speak French. I had done two courses a few years earlier, but had forgotten most of what I’d learnt. But because I had a positive experience with learning foreign languages – by then I’d learnt English and German – I managed to learn approximately 4000 new words within four months by using cassettes. In order to accomplish this, I had to listen to the cassettes for up to twelve hours a day. You can imagine how stubborn and obsessed I can be if I decide to do something. And after a year of living in France, my French was fluent.

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