My third book Forget About the Past will soon be published

I spoke with my translator yesterday and she confirmed that the translation will be finished till end of March. Then my copy editor need about one and half month for final check. In reality my third book will be published in the beginning of Mai in everything goes smoothly.

Forget About the Past

Reporter Anya Horvat, who works at Clarice, a weekly women’s magazine, has relationship problems with men. She is thirty-five years old, yet has never had a single relationship that lasted more than two months. This reality prompts her to consult the well-known and successful psychiatrist, Patricia Bellows, who is later found horribly murdered. Anya has never dealt with a murder investigation before, but when her boss literally forces her to take the assignment, she begins to uncover the murdered psychiatrist’s intriguing past—and at the same time, the source of her own problems …

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