Finding a good translator and copyeditor

Although I speak fluent English, I didn’t translate the books myself. I let a professional translator do it. There are many translators and finding the right one is all but easy. Not to speak of the high costs. A translation of a book (roughly 100,000 words long) costs approximately 7,500 USD. The same applies to American copyeditors. There are plenty of them, but it’s hard to find a good one.

I typed into Google: How to find a copyeditor?

I sent a test sample to three different copyeditors and received replies within a few days. The first asked for approximately 600 USD, the second one 1,200 USD and the third as much as 5,000 USD. The latter boasted of being a specialist in creative writing and of winning several awards.
Beware of copyeditors who try to take advantage of your lack of confidence. Their sole intention is to get as much money out of you as possible. I’m not saying they are not good, only that they are very expensive, but maybe your novel does not need such thorough changes. I’m talking about the copyeditor who wanted 5,000 dollars. However, you must never publish a book without it being copyedited.
Because I knew how hard it was to find a good copyeditor I decided to do a detailed market analysis. I sent my test sample to 20 copyeditors I found on the internet and then compared their results and that’s how I found the right one.
A realistic price for a good copyeditor is 1,600 USD for a book that contains 100,000 words. 

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