My mistakes when I first started writing a blog

Many of you may have made the same mistake that I did when I started writing about myself and my writing.
Whatever you write in your blog will generate a certain number of visitors. Perhaps you will sell the odd book on account of it, but you should be aware that it will only be a drop into the ocean. If you write what you are thinking that day or that you took your dog for a walk or about your children, I can tell you you are wasting your time. All my blogs up to June 29 2012 were a mistake. Some of them were interesting, but most are not.
So, if you decide on writing a blog, you must choose a specific topic about which you will write. It may be gardening or baking or something else. This is the reason why I have decided from now on to write only about publishing electronic books. Believe me, I have searched the internet for everything on publishing. In addition, I have read quite a few interesting books. I will share all this important information and experience with you.

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