What type of a blog should you write?

If you write a blog about a specific subject, it is called Viral Marketing. This means that the information will spread around the internet like a virus. The readers will value your work and keep visiting your blog. They will tell others about it and recommend it.
If I am honest I do not count on my books selling much better because of my blog. Some of you will buy my books out of curiosity and I will be grateful for that. But what I am counting on is getting new friends, with whom I will be able to communicate via e-mail, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Later I intend to start sending out free short thrillers, which will serve as a magnet for those readers who are interesting in the genre I write. And that is the real viral marketing that turned John Locke into such a success. You can read more about his success in the book:  How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!
I ask you to contact me also via Twitter or e-mail. I will post on Twitter useful links about publishing and via e-mail you will receive a free short story a few times a year. And I promise you I will not pester you and will advertise my books only occasionally.

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