The price of your books?

Before I started publishing, I carried out a great deal of research. The first problem was how to set the price of my books. In this regard, I found the following article most fascinating: How does an unknown author become a Kindle bestseller?  
Reading J. A. Konrath’s blog and blogs by some other writers I will mention later was also very helpful. J.A. Konrath’s most relevant article on this subject can be found HERE.
One reason for John Locke’s success was his strategy of offering his books at the price of 0.99$. The following article is very interesting: Will 99-Cent E-Books Destroy The World As We Know It?.
There are two more very interesting articles by Dean Wesley Smith: E-Book Price Post Redone and The New World of Publishing: Pricing Indie Books…Some 2012 Thoughts.

Also worth reading are the following
  1. Why Your Low Priced eBook Pricing Strategy is Wrong?
  2. Are eBooks Too Cheap?
  3. Pricing - What to do...what to do.
  4. Pricing an E-Book on Amazon.

To sum up: the price should be somewhere between 0.99$ and 2.99$. Unless you are already well known, of course, in which case you can afford to charge, let us say, 3.99$ or even 4.99$. Only the very well known authors can charge more than that.

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