Viral marketing as an aid in the promotion of electronic books

There are many methods of viral marketing, but I will mention only the most important ones:

  • Sending free books. A precondition for this is that you have a number of friends who will send the book on. The best variant is free short stories that the reader can read within 5 to 20 minutes. If the story is interesting and attractive, your friends will send it on. At the end of the book, there has to be a link to your website, where your books can be bought. In this way, you will attract only those readers to your website that are actually asking for the genre of your books. This is one of the strongest promotional weapons, also used by John Locke. You can read more about this in the book: How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months
  • Writing a blog. A blog must be specialized and consequently interesting. The readers will find useful information in it, which will make them happy and they will recommend your blog to their friends and acquaintances. An example of a good blog: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing or Let's Get Digital.
  • Video shot on Youtube. If you record a funny or interesting video shot, you can send it to your friends and acquaintances and they will send it on. The video, of course, has to contain the link to your website.
  • Book Trailers are a short presentation of your book. The same principles apply. If a trailer is interesting, your friends and acquaintances will want to show it to their friends and acquaintances. In contrast to the other three options which are practically free, this method may cost you quite a bit of money. Amanda Hocking uses book trailers as one of the ways in which she promotes her books, for example Trylle Trilogy or Torn.

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