What is important before you start promoting your book?

However good you are at promotion, unless the following conditions are fulfilled, you may have many problems:
  • Your book must be published at least on Amazon, it is even better if it also appears on Smashwords with the proviso that you let Smashwords distribute your book in all possible channels.
  • The price of your book must not be too high. If you are not yet well known, I suggest you set the price between 0.99$ and 2.99$.
  • The cover of your book must be interesting. There is no point in saving on covers. Hire an expert who will design an attractive cover for you. The costs range between 40$ and 100$.
  • The text must be without grammatical errors. Again, it is not worth saving here. Find a good editor. The price is approximately 1700$ for 100,000 words. It is ideal if your editor reads the book at least twice.
  • The book must be interesting and attractive.
  • Before a large promotion, you must obtain the opinion of critics or at least beta readers. Beta readers are people who do not know you and who are ready to read your book and write their opinion.
  • If your writing is not perfect, accept the criticism and correct the problems they tell you about. If you are not capable of accepting criticism, you are most probably destined to fail. Your vanity will cost you your career as a writer.
  • You must have a static internet page like mine, for example: http://www.ianfox.si/. That is your personal ID.
  • It is good if you also have a dynamic internet page, which means writing a blog. What you are reading now is an example
  • The use of at least Twitter and FB is obligatory.
  • Make sure that there are links at the end of all your books, as well as on your internet sites and all your social networks. An example: at the end of the books, there have to be links to your internet pages, blog, Twitter, FB and the rest. On FB and Twitter, there have to be links to all your other internet appearances.
  • You must not give up and have to be persistent and stubborn. Sooner or later you will succeed.

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