Writing a blog aimed only at writers

Recently I decided that my blogs would be aimed mainly at writers. I would like to help all those who have found themselves in the mass of those offering all kinds of books and who don’t know how to proceed and how to promote them.
I would like to share my experience with you. And I will be very happy if you respond and add your own.
The competition in the field of publishing is huge. The internet has both advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage is that you can promote your books at practically no cost, all that is needed is a time investment. And the main disadvantage is that most writers get lost in the big crowd of other authors.
Even if you are offering a book for free, it does not mean that many people will wish to read it. The number of free books on offer is so high that even the readers of free books have become choosy.
But what is most important is that you do not give up. We are all sensitive and have different ways in coping with negative reviews and bad selling figures. Irrespective of this, you must believe in yourself and continue with your mission. Whatever happens, the cost involved is negligible.

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